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 Third Culture was conceived in Seattle, USA in 2016 to celebrate inherent goodness of all natural drinks brewed the traditional way without any artificial ingredients or preservatives, harnessing the power of local superfoods that nature provides in its generous bounty. 

 After learning and experiencing cultures and developing expertise in the global beverage industry, Third Culture is excited to bring the most delicious, low/no sugar, nutritious, antioxidant rich beverages that truly refresh, revive and nourish.

The drinks are sourced and crafted with a lot of love, time, attentionand care.

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Third Culture is built on the foundation of three pillars of


Health | Sustainability | Diversity






We believe in crafting beverages with nature's superfoods. Minimal, premium quality ingredients sourced locally, brewed with precision and respect using the most advanced equipment to preserve or in some cases enhance the taste and nutritional quality of the beverages.

Rome wasn't built in a day and are drinks are not made within an hour. Perfection and deliciousness take time and we give it that time. Majority of our drinks are brewed between 24 hours to 4 days before we bottle them for your consumption.


Our current beverage offering are 2 variants of Cold Brew Coffee and 2 variants of India's first healthy, good for you, carbonated beverage - Sparkling Ginger & Sparkling Haldi


India's First Healthy, Delicious, Low Sugar Carbonated beverage

Sparkling Ginger | Sparkling Haldi 



Cold Brew | Old Fashioned Cold Brew


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We stand strong in our commitment to the environment and are conscious and thoughtful of every decision we make from water purification to avoidance of single use plastic in our products. While it is expensive, we bottle our beverages in glass bottles and encourage recycling. With scale we hope to introduce even more efficient beverage packaging solutions and explore more initiatives that can reduce our carbon footprint by collaborating with entrepreneurs and startups that are addressing the challenges that we all are facing in the world today. 








 We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion. Our belief is reflected in our beverage offerings across both the countries and in our team. And as a true Indian we stand behind the value of a rich diverse culture.

We value rich diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and styles because we believe that it’s more than just the right thing to do; diversity helps drive individual and organizational growth