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Vietnamese Coffee Kit - Premium Brewer & Freshly Roasted Speciality Coffee & Directions

Vietnamese Coffee Kit - Premium Brewer & Freshly Roasted Speciality Coffee & Directions

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Ingredients that make all the difference!

Powerful everyday superfoods, acknowledged in cultures around the world, providing delicious flavor & nutrition

Vietnamese Brewing Kit

1. Vietnamese Phin : Premium Stainless Quality built to deliver and last!

A must have for the global coffee enthusiast, Third Culture Vietnamese Coffee Filter/Phin is incredibly easy to use, and a blessing to have around, for the times you want to make that perfect cup of Hot Filter coffee or delicious  Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

2. Third Culcture Vietnamese Coffee Blend - 100% Speciality Grade Indian coffee, sourced directly from the farm and roaster to precision, ground on order.

Included in the pack would be the directions on how to brew Vietnamese Coffee using the Vietnamese Coffee Filter/Phin

About the Coffee

Traditionally Vietnamese coffee is made with Robusta beans that have been roasted a bit darker to yeild a bold strong cup, paired with condensed milk and enjoyed as a hot drink or poured over ice for a traditional "Ca phe sua da"

Our signature Vietnamese blend is crafted out of speciality coffee beans and is a blend of primararily Arabica beans expertly blended with a portion of speciality Robusta for a bold yet immensely falvorful cup. Vietnamese Coffee done the "speciality way", the Third Culture Way

Try this blend to go down a cultural trip of coffee to Vietnam and to taste a cup rich with notes of cocoa, toasted nuts and black raisins

All of our coffee is sourced from Chikmangalur, Kalledevapura Estates. We work very closely with the plantation owner to carefully select the most premium, speciality beans from the seasons crop for our blends. We are proud to support Indian farmers and serve the best of speciality coffee beans to our discernings customers.

The coffee is precision roasted to bring out the natural sweetness and chocolate notes of the coffee beans, an effort which is fully justified when you a brew a delicious cup of coffee.

Our Vietnamese blend is crafted with the finest Arabica beans and speciality Robusta for a bold , flavourful cup that is toasty , dark deliciousness. Pair it with only condensed milk, for a decadent delicious cup that will leave you wanting more, everyday.

Works great for Espresso based drinks, Vietnamese Phin, Indian Filter Drip, Moka Pot, French Press & Drip

Goes great with Whole Milk (Cow or Plant Based ) and/or Organic Cane Sugar & of course Condensed Milk


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