Turkish Blend

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    Weight: 250gms


    Roast: Dark


    Flavor Notes: Try this blend to go down a cultural trip of coffee to Turkey with notes of dark cocoa and molasses.


    Beans: Specialty Arabica & Robusta


    Brewing Recommendations: for Espresso based drinks, Turkish Ibrik, Vietnamese Phin, Indian Filter Drip, Moka Pot, French Press & Drip


    Goes great with: By Itself, Whole Milk (Cow or Plant Based ) and/or Organic Cane Sugar, Date Syrup



    Our signature Turkish blend is crafted out of specialty coffee beans and is a blend of primarily Arabica beans with a portion of specialty Robusta for a bold yet immensely flavorful cup. Pair it with a pinch of cardamom while brewing and a sweet treat, for a decadent delicious cup that will leave you wanting more, every day.


    Traditionally Turkish coffee is made with beans that have been roasted a bit darker to yield a bold strong cup, paired with a pinch of cardamom and a teaspoon of sugar. Prepared with finely ground coffee in a cezve/ibrik (a Turkish coffee pot) , it yields a delicious , flavorful cup of coffee that is bold and is enjoyed without milk.




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