New Orleans

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    Weight: 250 gms


    Roast: Medium


    Flavor Notes: Try this blend to go down a cultural trip of coffee to New Orleans, USA to taste a cup rich with French history ,notes of chocolate ice cream, toffee and date syrup.


    Beans: Speciality 100% Single Origin Arabica


    Brewing Recommendations: Works great for Cold Brew, Indian Filter Drip, Moka Pot, French Press & Drip


    Goes great with: Whole Milk (Cow or Plant Based ) and/or Organic Cane Sugar, Date Syrup, Jaggery 



    Traditionally New Orleans coffee aka NOLA is made with a blend of coffee mixed with chicory for a well-rounded, earthy flavor that is as delicious as it is healthy . 

    Our signature New Orleans coffee is a single origin coffee from Kalledevapura Estate. The malty chocolate notes are so delicious that it shines as our Flagship Cold Brew Blend.


    Prepare the concentrate as per the recipe, add whole /plant based milk, a dash of Date Syrup and you have an exceptional cup of NOLA that is unbelievable, delicious and most importantly crafted by you !

    The coffee is precision roasted to bring out the natural sweetness and cocoa notes of the coffee beans, an effort which is fully justified when you a brew a delicious cup of coffee.

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